Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cure for America

Actually it's quite simple but it will take GUTS the kind of guts Winston Churchill had the kind of GUTS that Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt had.

To see something wrong and fix it NO matter who it hurt, like Big Business, special interest groups, lobbyist, foreign governments etc. 

10 point cure to America, who will have to nerve to do even one thing on this list?

1st.  Make Lobbying and Lobbyist ILLEGAL with long jail terms for the lobbyist and long jail terms for the politician who entertains lobbying or lobbyist. Politicians who are caught catering to lobbyist will be expelled from Congress and have all their assets confiscated and remanded to the government.  Corporations and Businesses DO NOT VOTE, politicians are suppose to represent the people NOT special interest, lobbyist, business, corporations and/or foreign interest.

2nd.  Repeal NAFTA and ALL unfair trade agreements, unfair to America.

3rd.  Pass tariff laws, so that countries like China can NOT sell goods so cheap in America we can not compete with them.  This would strengthen our jobs, our business and STOP unfair trade practices.  Where is it written that "it's fair" for China (or any other country for that matter) to sell say (10 coat hangers for less than a dollar at K-mart) but when you go to China and want to buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee it will cost you over $100,000 (American)
     IF you can buy China products here at cost or below cost because of China Government subsidies then why is it considered fair to have to spend over $100,000 for an American made Jeep Grand Cherokee in China?
      The extra money we make from tariffs can be used to pay off our debt to China. And then we could invest in new business here at home. That would be good for both of us, and help with keeping taxes low here in America.

4th.  Make illegal any person or business who engages in shipping jobs off to India, China, Viet Nam etc. and over a period of 3 years ALL jobs shipped off over seas will be returned to American shores and IF NOT then those businesses will NOT be allowed to, do business in America.

(Don't you get sick and tired of calling a toll free number for some business and getting a person on the other end who is clearly NOT an American and can barely speak english and you keep having to say UH to everything they say.  These jobs can and should be on American shores).

5th.  STOP bailing out Wall Street, Big banks, Big business, Foreign Banks, Foreign Businesses and Foreign Governments.  Our Government fails to realize they are borrowing money from OUR KIDS and our Grand Children to pay for all this. They act like they "don't care".  Anything to keep the "wheels on the bus going round and round".

6th.  STOP borrowing money from China or anyone else and start living within your means, even if that means having to take a cut in pay for everyone. I don't have a problem with a graduated increase in taxes starting with those making over $100,000 and the rate would rise as the income rose but it would need to be kept within reason to meet the new budget, AFTER cuts are made so that everyone feels the pain, NOT just the middle class.

7th.   STOP printing money as this debases the currency it makes the money in your pocket, in your bank or your 401k worthless over time.  You will know your in trouble when you start using the Million dollar bill for everyday purchases what's next it the Billion dollar bill and the Trillion dollar bill and the printing of our currency on only one side of the bill.  You say it can't happen here well our currency has lost 98% of it's value since 1913 the year the Federal Reserve took control of  our monetary system. DO not forget the Weimer Republic where it took Trillions of Rich Marks (literally a wheelbarrow full of money) to buy a loaf of bread.

8th.  End the Federal Reserve every dollar printed by them is a note with interest that's due them. Before the Federal Reserve Congress printed debt free money and that system worked great, so what's wrong with it?

9th.  Back our money with something of value, Gold, Silver, federal lands something of value people can believe in.

10th. STOP foreign wars, this drains our economy and why do we feel the need to be the World's Policeman?  If something directly effects us by all means protect your interest. I felt OK with going into Afghanistan but to be there for 25 more years I don't see any need for that. I think we need to evaluate each and every country and each and every base we have overseas and ask ourselves ("Do we really need to be there"?)  Some people say what about Korea? Well Korea is doing ok financially I would give them a time frame to pull out all OR at least most of our troops.  But the BIG American troop presence is not needed or wanted.

The politicians who voted to ship off American jobs overseas, NAFTA, to borrow Trillions of dollars from China, to loan Trillions of dollars to bail out everyone from AIG & General Motors to the bank of Scotland, Duetch Bank, UBS etc. Who were they working for clearly NOT US!!!

You notice the leaders I chose were all war time leaders, we are in a war and America can NOT afford to loose this war, because if we do America will become a wasteland of people who owe hundreds of Trillions of dollars without a chance in hell of ever repaying it...

I know some will call this protectionism, I call it PATRIOTISM to put America first after all this is OUR home, we live here and we should have the first and foremost interest in protecting it and it's citizens and it's economic health, NOT the rest of the world - they can take care of themselves...